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    Read Before Post

    Post  Milk_Shake on Sat Nov 14, 2009 12:23 am

    First off. You must include all of these items into your thread if your releasing a hack.
    • A Non-False virus scan.
    • Include instructions
    • Include a screen shot and/or a video of the hack working.
    • Make the thread as easily to read as possible.
    • Dont advertise in your thread.

    Second. The 'Please do not's'
    • Please do not post: 'Thanks' or 'Patched'
    • Please do not flame at any member that posts a hack/posts in a thread.

    Third. The 'Please do's'
    • If you post saying 'Patched' Please state proof on it being patched.
    • If the hack is patched please inform a moderator.
    What individual moderators allow in threads and what they don't allow.

    - No Virus Scan
    - No Credits
    - Include a advertisement [includes referral links]

    I personally won't approve anything that falls under these categories.
    • Pornographic materials
    • Racist comments
    • Not putting the prefix 'Undetected' On your thread title.
    • Not making your thread easy to read.

    -If you don't include credits, I will IMMEDIATELY delete the thread.
    -Include a Virus scan
    -Include Instructions
    -Include Screen and/or Video
    -Do not make thread hard to read
    -Do not have a screen that has a advertisement (just censor ad)

    -No bright colors that will make it hard to read(white or yellow)
    -Include pictures or a video
    -Include a virus scan link
    -Have a tutorial on how to set it up
    -Most resources that people will need for the hack
    -No advertisements ( no urls if somebody is asking about another site just use an abbreviation ex. RK, AUG, MPGH, etc

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